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No instructions

This game does provide a challenge. But that is because it has no instructions on how nodes react or don’t react

App keeps crashing- will not start up

I just bought this app and it will not start up. Keeps crashing. I had to update the phone to actually play it

What's the secret?

I wallow through until I stumble upon the solution, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to where the 'nodes' move to, and there are NO INSTRUCTIONS!!! Please include some sort of guide. Thank you.



TouchArcade thought it was too hard...

So I bought it. It was the right decision. Extremely simple mechanics lead to complex puzzles. Not quite English Country Tune hard but tougher than it looks. The game rewards logical thinking and experimentation I found myself solving the same puzzles multiple times to get the minimum number of moves. The more I did that, the more intuitive the puzzles became. Also, it lets you know if you beat their score, which is great. No bugs to speak of. So far my favorite puzzle game of the year after Card Thief.

Crash issue has been fixed.

Took a chance because it looks nice, but it just crashes upon opening. If you have an iPad mini, which is what I have, you should wait until you see that it's been fixed. Update 8/7/2017: Crash issue has been fixed in the latest version. Very responsive developer fixed almost immediately! Enjoying it so far! Nicely designed!

Game Crashes Immediately !

I tap on game icon to open it and the game crashes. I want my money back ! I'm sooo tired of getting ripped off by these games... This is ridiculous ! ! !

Cannot enter the game

I cannot log in the game. It flashed out when I click the app icon. Pls refund the 0.99 I just spent

Can't load the game

The game looks awesome but the game would crash as soon as I clicked on it! Please fix this

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